As the name suggests, desktop computers need to be put on a desk or a big surface because of its size. The computer setup usually includes a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard and a cabinet where the motherboard, processors power supply and other components are wired and installed. The central processing unit or CPU is a microprocessor that empowers the computer to be able to make billions of calculations in seconds. Computers uses various software programming languages like BASIC, COBOL etc., between its components to the give desired output to the user.

In the new generation, computers are widely used in various field of technology. Every sector of the world is almost computerized. Computers run on the user interface based operating system which made the use of computers easier for the common people. These devices are used for various purposes other than calculations. However, the system uses calculations to execute all the work. When a desktop computer comes up with errors, things can get complicated because computers are made of hundreds of complex hardware and software. You need sufficient knowledge about computers and the technology involved in the manufacturing of the machine to resolve any error. If all your efforts to resolve issues with your desktop has failed, don’t stress yourself. Pick up your phone and call us at our hotline number to get affordable Desktop Technical Support.

Desktop computers consist of the following components:

Any computer will need basic components to fulfil the tasks instructed by the user. Take a look at the functionality of essential components of your computer.

CPU: Central Processing Unit commonly known as CPU is the brain of the computer. It is a microchip that performs all the task that the user gives to the computer by calculating several million mathematical calculation and conversion.

Motherboard: Motherboard is an electrical circuit board which connects all the hardware to the brain of the computer (CPU). You can interact and make the hardware work by instructing the CPU to perform the intended task.

Monitor: The computer communicates to the user through visuals and multimedia. The monitor is there to show the input and outputs commands a computer is instructed by the user. Monitors are used for various other purposes like using computer applications, playing back multimedia files and others.

Mouse and Keyboard: These are the main input devices that today’s computer needs. The user can direct or instruct a computer to do certain tasks using these devices. Mouse controls the cursor pointer on the screen and Keyboard is used to input texts as well as commands and directions.

Call the professionals to avail instant Desktop Repairs:

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